I would like to start by letting you know that I am not a man to sit around and write reviews related to pretty much anything. I've always thought reviews either got overlooked, not read, or thrown in a bucket. Regardless, I would be carrying out an act of injustice to Miss Nadine Vazquez, her practice, myself, anyone who feels like life isn't worth living, thinks about committing suicide, feels hopeless, does not dream anymore, is addicted to drugs, and I could go on. My name is Jay and I've lived a decade of my life thinking and doing everything and all of the things which I just mentioned. I served in the military as a U.S. Naval Corpsman for 6 years, got hurt in combat, was medically discharged and put on disability for quite a few physical issues and severe mental post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Well, to make a long story short, after a decade of seeing what seems like literally every VA and civilian doctor for pretty much any and everything, hoping to get some help, but with no lasting results; I decided that I never wanted to see another doctor. I had no one who understood what I was experiencing and no one who would really listen, so I became severely depressed, lived my life in quit desperation, and gave up. I turned to prescription pain killers to ease my pain and got heavily hooked on them. That is when I started seeking out other forms of help. I was referred to Nadine by a concerned friend. I'm here to tell anyone out there who is skeptical of Life Coaching, do not be. Yes, like me, you might feel like you have all the answers, but I will say this, "The way I was living, I simply did not care if I lived or died." That's not the way to live. If you have someone like I do in Nadine Vazquez, who is willing to invest their time in helping you discover what's is holding you captive to your habits, who will give you support and the tools to change your habits, thinking, and outlook on life as she did for me, life gets much better. I could go on and on about this, but let me just say "Miss Vazquez was and still to this day is the most genuine, positive woman I have ever met." In a very short time, working with her, I am a CHANGED MAN. Here I am a decade later, and I am certain that it was Nadine Vazquez's coaching which caused me to hold on when I wanted to quit. Her approach helped me work through my issues, and healed my mental state. Yes, I still have issues that I am working through, I also have hope, which is something I did not have before. She has been a TRUE GOD SEND. Her listening skills unmatched anyone I have been around. Her philosophy's and approaches are phenomenal. I will end it with this Miss Vazquez has a nonjudgmental spirit, unlike any I have ever come across in my life. I can proudly and honestly say she is my friend, coach, and most importantly, my mentor for life now. Thank you so much Nadine for helping me redefine who I am. I cannot say it enough. You were and are a game changer for me as you have taught me to love myself again and love others. This woman taught me how to live again. God bless you!  J.W.

I have known Nadine for over three years now and I feel confident in my impression of her abilities. Nadine has been counseling and guiding me through some very difficult and painful events that have transpired this past year. I have struggled with addiction for the past twenty-two years which has resulted in my inability to maintain steady employment, make rational decisions and ultimately cost me my family.Throughout this dark time in my life Nadine became a consistent and dependable source of strength and encouragement. She made herself readily available to me and actively listened to all my fears, concerns, and frustrations. She was consistently able to give me dependable and relative feedback on every issue that was put in front of her. Not only were her responses constructive, her ability to see a situation from multiple angles helped me view issues I was facing from various perspectives. Nadine's genuine care and concern for my well being and success was evident and sincere. Nadine also brought logic and practicality to every conversation and was able to do this without coming across demeaning or insensitive. She also provided me with a multitude of resources, apart from herself, for me to utilize in accomplishing my goals. She also suggested various thought engaging activities to help me define my goals and build my self worth. For me personally the most important thing Nadine helped me accomplish was staying focused on my primary objective and encouraging me to never give up. Her ability to empathize and problem solve made her an effective and competent mentor. Since having Nadine in my life I have completed a ten week residential program for addiction, I have been sober for almost two years, I am employed and taking care of my six year old son.Nadine has been, and continues to be a tremendous asset and I am grateful and blessed to have her in my life. She has truly been an inspiration to me and I know she is fulfilling her destiny helping others achieve their full potential. Rick H.


The Difference a Heart Can Make

  • "I initially met Nadine when she taught English to non-native speakers a few years ago. She not only taught me English, she helped me to uncover what I wanted to do once I learned to speak English fluently. She was a caring and compassionate teacher, who afterwards became my friend. I consulted Nadine recently when I was in a quagmire at work. When I explained to Nadine that I forced myself to work at this company only to make money, her insight was crystal clear. Our conversation uncovered that I was operating in fear instead of facts. When she asked about my real goal it made me realize that I was off track. Her step-by-step plan caused me to think and literally draw a picture of my future on paper. After that my mind was clear and I made some decisions. Immediately afterwards I received a business contact and signed them on as a client. It was nothing magical, it was because of Nadine’s coaching and support which can change your life too."
    Sayuri, Tokyo, Japan
  • "When I met Nadine in 2007, she was my manager in the hotel industry. She immediately opened her arms to me and took me under her wings as soon as she met me. I can honestly say meeting Nadine was one of the best moments in my life. She inspired me to change my circumstances and the way I looked at life. Nadine coached and guided me to want more out of life, I was working a job without a clue of what it was like to have a career.
    After a few sessions with Nadine, I wanted more. I went to school for my Associates Degree in Business and I started working for a fortune 500 company. I got my Bachelor’s degree and my Real Estate license.
    Again, Nadine was and still is my coach, my counselor, and my friend. With Nadine, what you see is what you get; she is real. It is a blessing to have a life coach that can sympathize and empathize with everything that I throw at her, she has helped me on so many levels and I am proud to say Nadine Vazquez is my life coach. Thanks Nadine. You Rock!"
    V. Green




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